New Blood High School
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Education Programme
Non formal higher secondary grade 1
286 250
Non formal higher secondary grade 2
235 200
Non formal higher secondary grade 3
222 189
Human Resources
Teachers 7 13
Supporting Staff 9 3
15 Classrooms 2 Staff rooms
29 Toilets Internet access : Yes
Library : Yes 1200 Books
0 Computers 3 TVs
450 Tables 450 Chairs
Most urgent
1 year ago8/9/2019, 12:13
The most urgent we need to provide teachers salary specially for High school teachers and for Primary teachers. We have no any commitment with donors or organizations that to be provided salary for our teachers. Currently we are providing the teachers salaries from our Parent Teachers Association funds and we don\'t think that we can cover with PTA money for the entire school year. We are happy to meet with you and explained in more detail about our school and about our funding situation.